Bespoke Track Lay & Supervision

Track Lay

Track-laying is often seen as the 'poor relation' of sound post, the least creative and least important side of sound editing, but it is the main element of a good and successful mix as it is the backbone of the creative mixing process.

It can make all the difference in expensive studio time if your basic framework is not working and you have to use your studio time for editing. At Art4noise we like to make sure that the track-laying process runs smoothly and efficiently, whether it's cleaning up original sync making sure that the Foley foots are in sync with the originals and laying the right  ambiences over individual scenes or managing location recording of specific sfx, so that the mix is as trouble free as possible.'

Sound Supervision

In the UK the role of sound designer is interchangeable with the role of supervising sound editor, and at Art4noise the two jobs overlap frequently.

Our Supervising Sound Editors are talented and technically knowledgeable with the Sound Post Production process for Film and TV.

Sound Library (Over 185,000 Sound Effects)

We have a dedicated 4-Terabyte Sound Library Server; Mostly containing recordings that Art4noise have made over the years, including, thousands of atmos tracks, foley spots and foot steps


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